Our Commitment

Better Futures For Everyone

Shane's Merchandise Success

Shane has worked tirelessly over nearly a year with his mentor and it is his effort coupled with unconditional love support and acceptance from his family at home and the community at large that has made this incredible journey possible.

His art has been now transformed into merchandise that people can access and his expression through art and can be a part of everyone's lives. What strikes us most about this amazing young man is how he is consistently motivated by the process of creating his art and not as much by the outcome of it. 

Custom-designed Services


This involves working with young children to develop skills that are essential to start learning. These include:

  • Pre-learning and Life Skills

  • Behavioural Interventions

  • Sensory Integration

  • Home Programs

Our work with adults involves training in basic skills needed to engage in productive work. These include:

  • Money Management

  • Time Management

  • Communication and Interaction

The Owl House runs various courses that train adults with special needs in professional skills that aim to get them employed. These include:

  • Store Management

  • Hospitality Training

  • Gardening - Grow your own food

  • Upcycled Handicrafts


Hourly Individual Services

  • Pre-learning skills

  • Life skills

  • Behavioural Intervention

  • Home program and parent support

  • Between 1-3 appointments a week


Group Services

  • Social communication

  • Group activities and goals

  • Recreational skill development

  • Professional skill development with mentors

  • Community building programmes

Full-Time Adult Learning Programme

  • 5 hours a day, 5 days a week

  • Professional skill development

  • Offsite skill training and internship

  • Community integration programmes

Community Building and Engagement

We bring community participation activities into our space through workshops and training in collaboration with other local organisations and people from the community.


Environmental ecology with Wild Otters.

Duration: 25 sessions

Cost (per annum): Rs. 50,000

Price: Free

Status: Sponsor needed

Sporting Around

Football and physical activity with Forca Goa.

Duration: Weekly

Cost (per annum): Free Support

Price: Free

Status: Sponsored

Family based creative art program with Sasha Braganca.

Duration: 25 sessions

Cost (per annum): Rs. 40,000

Price: 50% of cost

Status: Completed

Mentor Programmes

We invite individuals from the community to bring their talent into our space and help our students experience a wider range of interests, to eventually allow for individualized training and employment opportunities. 


Ceramics with Nimmy

Frequency: Weekly

Cost (per annum): Rs. 55,000

Fees charged: Free

Status: Sponsor needed

Book Reading with Flavia

Frequency: Weekly

Cost (per annum): Rs. 25,000

Fees charged: Free

Status: Sponsor needed

Art with Ambreen

Frequency: Weekly

Cost (per annum): Rs. 1,00,000

Fees charged: Free

Status: Sponsor needed

Martial Arts with Sanjeev

Frequency: Weekly

Cost (per annum): Rs. 40,000

Fees charged: Free

Status: Sponsor needed

Culinary Skills with Kris

Frequency: Twice a week

Cost (per annum): Free support

Fees charged: Free

Status: Sponsored

Learning Management System

1. Enrollment and Assessment

Understanding where to best postition our support with our students and families.

  • Testing and evaluation of skills in various areas to establish where current skill-sets lie

  • Establishing immediate needs of child and family

2. Preference Testing

Understanding what our learners enjoy and prefer to make learning fun.

  • Allowing for free access of multiple environments and areas of learning 

  • Establish dislikes/fears

3. Individual Education Planning

Designing strength based custom plans for each of our learners

  • Deciding what section of services the individual needs

  • Setting incremental goals for an individual

  • Collaborating with family, school and other therapists to draw out a comprehensive plan for each child

4. Goal Evaluation & Home Programs

Making sure that families and facilitators plan the way forward together

  • Documenting progress made in each session and collating this information to update and evaluate the individuals progress

  • Integrated family support in the form of goals to be worked on at home. 


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