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Our Commitment

Better Futures For Everyone

We are all aware of the situation that currently demands us to stay at home for the sake of our health. At a time like this, we understand that coming to The Owl House might not be possible. Which is why, The Owl House has decided to come to you. We are working on learning tools and modules that can help us engage with families online.

Custom-designed services

Customised Learning Programmes

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This involves working with students to develop skills that are essential to start learning. These include:

  • Pre-learning and Life Skills

  • Behavioural Interventions

  • Sensory Integration

  • Home Programmes

Our work with adults involves training in basic skills needed to engage in productive work. These include:

  • Money Management

  • Time Management

  • Communication and Interaction

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The Owl House runs various courses that train adults with special needs in professional skills that aim to get them employed. These include:

  • Store Management

  • Culinary Skills and Cafe Service

  • Gardening

  • Arts and Handicrafts

  • Fitness and Sports


Group Programmes

  • Social communication

  • Group activities and goals

  • Recreational skill development

  • Professional skill development with mentors

  • Community building programmes

Full-Time Adult Learning Programme

  • 5 hours a day, 5 days a week

  • Professional skill development

  • Offsite skill training and internship

  • Community integration programmes

Integration Programme

  • 6 group and 2 individual sessions a month

  • Interest identification and skill-level mapping

  • Student-supported group learning opportunities

  • Home programmes and parent support

Our Process

1. Enrollment and Assessment

Understanding where to best postition our support with our students and families.

  • Testing and evaluation of skills in various areas to establish where current skill-sets lie

  • Establishing immediate needs of child and family

2. Preference Testing

Understanding what our learners enjoy and prefer to make learning fun.

  • Allowing for free access of multiple environments and areas of learning 

  • Establish dislikes/fears

3. Individual Education Planning

Designing strength based custom plans for each of our learners

  • Deciding what section of services the individual needs

  • Setting incremental goals for an individual

  • Collaborating with family, school and other therapists to draw out a comprehensive plan for each child

4. Goal Evaluation & Home Programs

Making sure that families and facilitators plan the way forward together

  • Documenting progress made in each session and collating this information to update and evaluate the individuals progress

  • Integrated family support in the form of goals to be worked on at home. 


Our Curriculum

Work Skills

  • Store management

  • Culinary skills

  • Cafe Management

  • Arts & Handicrafts

  • Gardening

Leisure Skills

  • Arts 

  • Fitness

  • Sports

Communication Skills

  • Basic communication and choice making (need-based)

  • Functional communication for mobility (shopping, outdoor visits)

  • Work specific communication (Talking and listening)

Community Building and Engagement

We bring community participation activities into our space through workshops and training in collaboration with other local organisations and people from the community.

Community Building and Engagement

Learning about the environment with Wild Otters.

Sporting Around

Building balance and agility with Football, in training with the Forca Goa Foundation

Mentor Programmes
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