Priya Sule


I am a creativity enabler - I love watching disparate pieces find each other to create meaning. It’s a personal mission. Over the last 15 years, I’ve experienced different job roles and work spaces, from production sets, to an animation and visual effects studio, to a pest management company.


As a leader to both HR and Marketing functions, I’ve had the opportunity to position experience-based learning with adults and to drive the power of brand and brand cultures. I love purpose-driven brands with great philosophies and greater execution – Those who turn their values to action.


As a big champion of the power of people, AbleTree is where I lend my energy to build and strengthen community and educational initiatives. I feel privileged to be able to build my dream project with my dream team and closest friends!

Marc Francis


I never imagined I would be involved in social initiatives. It wasn’t something I was expected to do. I never even understood why it was important to feel empathy. Until I did. And it has changed who I have become since.

I started out as an artist and ended up starting a business. On that wild journey, I met some wonderful people including my wife and partner Pria Sule. This foundation is the result of our commitment, not just to each other but to the world around us.


  • Renuka Figueiredo 

    Project Lead and Advocacy

    Educational Qualifications:

    M. Sc. Clinical Psychology

    I live in Aldona, Goa, with my family. I am driven, curious and a learner for life. I love animals of any kind and am a fierce wildlife enthusiast. I spend my free time volunteering with social welfare organisations around Goa and managing amateur musicians. My interest spans across Neuroscience, Education, Indian History and Applied Machine Learning.

  • Priya Kataria

    Instruction and Learning Design Manager 

    Educational Qualifications:

    Masters of Arts in Applied Developmental / Educational Psychology, PG Diploma in Child Rights Law

    Born and raised in Mumbai, there are a couple of other places around the globe I  consider home, including Goa now.I have been keen on working at the intersection of education and well being. Designing educational programs that enhance positive conduct and development in children and young adults is my source of satisfaction in life. From the mountains of Bhutan to the beaches here in Goa, nature's grace has always surprised me in novel ways. I plan to translate these surprises into learning which I can share with people I come across.

  • Viven Vaz

    Learning Facilitator, Early Intervention and Pre-Learning skills

    Educational Qualifications:

    Masters in Special Education Needs (University of Wales)

    I have worked in different parts of the world with children and adults. This is also where my interest in travelling stems from. Armed with an optimistic outlook on life, I look at the bright side of things. I am friendly, approachable and true to my name - full of life! 

  • Priya Babu

    Learning Facilitator

    Educational Qualifications:

    Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University - study centre in Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi

    I have always been fascinated by human thoughts and behavior, and this is leading me down the wonderful path of discovering psychology as a subject. I’m a seeker of adventure, happiest when I am in touch with nature, and like experimenting with taste and sound. My pet projects are learning about intersectional approaches to understanding mental health, and the synthesis of psychological science and spirituality.

  • Charlene Pereira

    Learning Facilitator

    Educational Qualifications:

    Master of Arts in Child Psychology and Child Development

    Whether it’s a trip to a beautiful island, a trek up a mountain or touring through a new city travelling has always been one of my favourite adventures. Besides this, I enjoy dancing, singing, reading, photography and art work as well. I also have a keen interest in learning and mastering new skills. I keep myself upto date with a wide range of topics that concern world politics, psychology, history, music, wildlife, science and sports. Following my personal motto “One moment at a time”, I hope to make a difference when I can. 


Sidney Fernandes

Administrator & Fundraising Manager

A traveller at heart, I am a family man who believes that there is no alternative to hard work. I may not have spent too much time with people who are neurologically different, but I certainly lend a fresh new perspective to what we do. When something at The Owl House needs to get done, I am your man.

Sabina Miranda



Prasad Ghadi



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