Priya Sule


I am a creativity enabler - I love watching disparate pieces find each other to create meaning. It’s a personal mission. Over the last 15 years, I’ve experienced different job roles and work spaces, from production sets, to an animation and visual effects studio, to a pest management company.


As a leader to both HR and Marketing functions, I’ve had the opportunity to position experience-based learning with adults and to drive the power of brand and brand cultures. I love purpose-driven brands with great philosophies and greater execution – Those who turn their values to action.


As a big champion of the power of people, AbleTree is where I lend my energy to build and strengthen community and educational initiatives. I feel privileged to be able to build my dream project with my dream team and closest friends!

Marc Francis


I never imagined I would be involved in social initiatives. It wasn’t something I was expected to do. I never even understood why it was important to feel empathy. Until I did. And it has changed who I have become since.

I started out as an artist and ended up starting a business. On that wild journey, I met some wonderful people including my wife and partner Pria Sule. This foundation is the result of our commitment, not just to each other but to the world around us.


  • Renuka Figueiredo 

    Project Lead and Advocacy

    Educational Qualifications:

    M. Sc. Clinical Psychology

    I live in Aldona, Goa, with my family. I am driven, curious and a learner for life. I love animals of any kind and am a fierce wildlife enthusiast. I spend my free time volunteering with social welfare organisations around Goa and managing amateur musicians. My interest spans across Neuroscience, Education, Indian History and Applied Machine Learning.

  • Shawna Nazareth

    Learning Facilitator & Process Manager 

    Educational Qualifications:

    M.A. Clinical Psychology - S.N.D.T Women's University 

    I love to create and pride myself on being resourceful. Having always been curious about the mind, drew me to study Psychology. It helped me navigate through life and I just ran with it. I believe the only thing constant in life is change and that's what keeps me going.

  • Charlene Pereira

    Learning Facilitator & People Experience Manager

    Educational Qualifications:

    Master of Arts in Child Psychology & Child Development -  Paravatibai Chowgule College Of Arts And Science (Autonomous) 

    Curious and self motivated, seeking the thrill of adventure coupled with challenge. My fondness for people, especially children, paved my way into the field of mental health. I strive to create a safe space by combining my interests in varied art forms, technology, fitness and affection for animals along with my passion for psychology. 

  • Viven Vaz

    Learning Facilitator, Early Intervention and Pre-Learning skills

    Educational Qualifications:

    Masters in Special Education Needs (University of Wales)

    Engaging and working with individuals with special needs at The Owl House since June 2018 has been nothing short of a positive experience for me. We learn from each other, share laughs and work towards personal and professional goals. I believe that if you look beyond the labels and diagnoses you will see abilities, beauty and unique personalities brimming with hope and drive just like you and me. I am also a firm believer in the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind and vice versa. I enjoy staying active, engaging in creative arts and exploring nature.


    Learning Facilitator

    Educational Qualifications:

    M.Sc. in Psychology (Clinical) -  Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) 

    “The journey of becoming” is what intrigues me about life. Growing up, I’ve always had a keen interest in understanding why we are the way we are and that is what drew me to the subject of Psychology. It gave me a deep sense of purpose in my life and still continues to do so. Specifically, my areas of interest are Psychotherapy, Play therapy and Art therapy. I am fascinated with research studies that focus on adopting an eclectic approach in the field of mental health.  Besides the subject of Psychology, I enjoy gardening and like learning about plants. Nature is my biggest healer and I often reach towards it to find my calm. I also love travelling to different places and exploring its food, culture and history. My other hobbies include singing, interior designing, cycling and performing art related activities.


    Learning Facilitator

    Educational Qualifications:

    M.Sc Psychological Counselling, Montfort College - (Bangalore University) 

    Having grown up around neurodiversity, I have always been amazed by the capabilities of the human mind. Working with children, and individuals with varying needs has been one of the most challenging yet joyful and satisfying paths I have taken so far. I enjoy learning and unlearning everyday with my learners. Besides this, I also enjoy traveling, spending time at the beach, swimming, making art, and spending time with animals.



    Educational Qualifications:

    Masters in Child Psychology and Child Development - Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts And Science (Autonomous) 

    I am energetic, disciplined and have a positive outlook on life. I’ve always loved working with children and young people. I also enjoy beach days, staying active, exploring new places and learning new skills. I live my life in the present and to the fullest!


  • Sidney Fernandes

    Administrator & Fundraising Manager

    A traveller at heart, I am a family man who believes that there is no alternative to hard work. I may not have spent too much time with people who are neurologically different, but I certainly lend a fresh new perspective to what we do. When something at The Owl House needs to get done, I am your man.

  • Sabina Miranda



  • Prasad Ghadi



  • Mukesh Ghadi



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