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The Owl House Parent Diary!

We are delighted to bring you stories of parents we work with who are nothing short of Champions. Despite the challenges of staying locked up at home, these phenomenal parents have continued to give their children a learning experience that's unique and innovative at the same time. In the first chapter of The Owl House Parent Diary, we meet with Shardha Malik. She is a supermom first brought her daughter Purva to The Owl House four month's ago. Post the lockdown, Shardha has been working closely with educator Vivien to ensure that time spent learning at home, is time spent having fun.

Each week, a parent will showcase how they engage with their children while they spend time at home. By sharing the stories of these champions, we hope that we can help more caregivers find newer ways to teach.

In case you know a parent of a special needs child who is doing a phenomenal job teaching their children at home, do let us know. We'd like to tell their story.

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