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Learning from Home

We are all aware of the situation that currently demands us to stay at home for the sake of our health. At a time like this, we understand that coming to The Owl House might not be possible. Which is why, The Owl House has decided to come to you. We are working on learning tools and modules that can help us engage with families online.

Learning to
Wear a Mask.
A Session with Coach Xavier

Coach Xavier from Força Goa Foundation joins us for a fun session on staying fit indoors.

7Communication Strategies

Charlene from The Owl House has some fun strategies to aid communication. 

Gardening with Elizabeth

Watch Elizabeth engage Ashwin in some fun gardening activities.

Cooking with Chef Chris - Ep.2

Chef Chris teaches us to make his favourite breakfast dish... the epic French Toast, made in 10 minutes.

Gross Motor Skills with Vivien

Vivien shares some fun activities that help children develop their Gross Motor Skills.

A Session with the friendly dentist.

Dr. Nikhil joins us for this special guest session about maintaining your child's oral hygiene.

A Session with Suchi Shamra

Suchi Sharma gives us a glimpse into how Aryaman spends his time keeping busy at home. Don't forget to listen to Aryaman play! 

A Cooking Session with Sabrina.

Sabrina invites us to her kitchen in this session where we learn to make delicious Sundal.

Learning with Elizabeth 

Elizabeth invites us over to show us how Ashwin spends his time learning at home. Join her session here... 

An Art Class with Jolynn.

Jolynn from Nonsense Curry teaches us to make organic planters from raw materials you can find at home. 

Learning to make a smoothie at home.

Mentor Chris from the incredible restaurant 'Sublime' teaches us how to make a delicious bowl of smoothie while we stay at home.

Self care tips for Caregivers.

Priya Kataria shares some important tips that caregivers can use to ensure that they remember to care for themselves. 

Make a glass of lemonade at home.

Follow Priya Babu as she teaches us to make lemonade one step at a time.

Champion mum Shardha shares a list of activities that keep her daughter engaged during this lockdown. You can use them too... 

5 activities for children at home.
Learning to dance with our teachers.

Learn 5 fun dance moves from our educators and take up their Dance Challenge. Ready? 

Priya Babu walks us through the Khan Academy Kids App that parents can use to engage their kids.

Educational Apps...
A walkthrough.
Educational Apps...
An introduction.

Educator Priya Babu introduces us to a few interesting educational apps for children. 

Life Skill Exercises at Home.

Vivien shares a few life skill exercises for children while they spend time at home.

Book Reading with Charlene.

Charlene narrates the story of Olive who wondered why her school was shut. Don't miss the quiz at the end!

Letters for World Autism Day 2020.

This Autism Day, our teachers couldn't be with our students. So they wrote them this letter.

Teaching Strategies with Priya.

Priya Kataria from The Owl House reveals 2 teaching techniques for parents to use at home.

Learn now to use the 'What's Next  Lite' Visual Scheduling App with Vivien.

Using a Visual Scheduling App
Building schedules with Vivien.

Vivien shares simple tips to help you build schedules for youngsters with special needs.

Richelle speaks with families.

Richelle has some important information to share before we explore digital learning.

A message from

Renuka from The Owl House has a special message for our youngsters.

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