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Our vision is to build

Better Futures
For Everyone

by empowering individuals with special needs to become integrated members of the community, while also working with the community to create more work opportunities to promote better and more meaningful lives for all.

Who We Are

An introduction to The Owl House

The Owl House is a community service initiative that provides skill support to individuals and families with neurological differences. 


Our work everyday reflects our mission to change the focus from eliminating/curing various forms of neurodiversity and focus instead on coping, acceptance and acknowledgement of the distinctive strengths of each individual. Our aim is to identify the skills in an individual and build their confidence in using them. We also collaborate with other local enterprises to create opportunities for our students to use their skills. 


Our relationship with our students is lifelong, with outplacement, when possible, and reskilling opportunities, whenever they are needed.

What we do

Intervention Based Services

Individual Adult Learning

Group Skill Development


Families have received services


Individuals currently enrolled


From the youngest to the oldest student

"There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do."

- Dr. Temple Grandin

"Each and every activity at The Owl House is done with a lot of dedication and hard work. I highly recommend The Owl House as they do wonders with our kids."

- Suchi Sharma

"I visited The Owl House In February this year and was impressed with the specially trained team members providing support and guidance to kids with autism and their parents. And that every child with autism has unique strengths and challenges which is very well attended to at The Owl House"

- Lorraine Alexander

"The facilitators, staff and volunteers are highly committed towards the cause of helping out individuals with special needs, especially autism."

- Raj Kunkolienkar

Our Fundraising Campaign

We need 40 Lakhs to run The Owl House this year.

We have already begun to take tiny strides towards achieving this goal. Your support would mean the world to us.

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Brands that support us

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